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Camping Tablecloths

You don’t spend more than a hundred years selling camping tablecloths for a living if you’re not any good at it. At Homefords, we pride ourselves on having been the UK’s top soft furnishings supplier for more than a century. We have made it this far by gaining our customer’s trust with our experienced service, low prices and friendly customer support.  

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Your reliable UK camping tablecloths supplier 

These days, most UK camping tablecloth stockists pay middlemen to do all their work for them. At Homefords, we’re not like that – instead, we like to keep things personal. Because we’re always in direct contact with our manufacturers, we have a say in how our wholesale tablecloths are made. It also allows us to keep our prices fair and cheap.  

Machine-washable tablecloths 

We want your camping tablecloths to last as long as possible. Our expert manufacturers carefully craft all our wholesale tablecloths with 100% polyester to ensure that they are completely machine washable. Buying your soft furnishings from Homefords will save you plenty of cash in the long run, as our products will look as good as new even after dozens of washes.  

One-stop shop for all your camping products 

It’s not just camping tablecloths that we do. From cushions to towels, we’ve got all you need to set up the camping site that your customers deserve. Sticking with us pays off, and not only because time is money. All our orders over £500 immediately qualify for a bulk order discount, so feel free to add some wholesale throws to your basket! 

Get started with Homefords 

As far as camping tablecloths go, you’d be hard-pressed to find another UK supplier with the same prices and services that we offer. Browse our extensive collection of wholesale tablecloths today and be safe in the knowledge that you’re buying from a leading stockist with over 100 years of experience.