Festival Towels

Forget breakfast – the best way to start your day off is having a long, hot shower. And the key ingredient to a good shower is to treat yourself to the soft embrace of a fresh towel once you’re finished. At Homefords, we have the best festival towels range in the UK to ensure that your guests feel as if they’ve just come out of a relaxing sauna. 

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Festival towels in all colours and sizes 

From a stately silver to a spicy, dusky pink, we’ve got a large range of wholesale towels to go along with the rest of your soft furnishings. If you’d prefer to stick to one vibe, you can order your entire towel range, from bath sheets to hand towels, in just one colour. Whatever your needs, we’re here to make things easy for you. 

Low prices, top products 

As one of the top festival towel suppliers in the UK, all our products are made of 100% cotton to maximise comfort and reduce drying time. What’s better, our wholesale towels are as easy on the skin as they are on your pocket. You can buy your festival towels in bulk and start saving today with our instant discounts on large orders! 

Putting skincare first 

If you really want to take care of your festival audience, you need to make sure that all their skincare needs are covered. At Homefords, we’ve got a large range of face cloths and towels that are as soft and absorbent as the ones you’d find in a beauty salon.  

Put us to the test 

If you like our wholesale festival towels, you’ll be happy to learn that at Homefords we stock a large variety of soft furnishings from cushions to napkins. Get all the extras that your festival needs at Homefords and enjoy our amazing bulk discounts for large orders!