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Hotel Bedding

Hotel bedding should be soft and inviting. In fact, with the right bedding, your guests will never want to leave! Not sure where to start? Homefords can help you pick the best wholesale bedding for your establishment. Browse a range of styles, colours and materials to spruce up the appearance of your beds in our hotel bedding collection below.

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What type of hotel bedding can you buy from Homefords?

Whether you’re going for a simple but classic look or want something a little fancier, Homefords has a variety of wholesale bedding for you to consider. As one of the best UK wholesale hotel soft furnishing suppliers, our bedding is known for being luxurious and comfortable.

The hotel bedding we supply comes in a variety of materials, including velvet, sateen, percale and cotton. You can then choose from quilted, embroidered, patchwork, jacquard and sequin styles to suit your theme.

What other soft furnishings are there?

Here at Homefords, we supply over 7,000 soft furnishing products every day from our warehouse to many happy customers. And now we want to do the same for you!

You care about your hotel and you deserve the best. So, whatever soft furnishings you need, from wholesale cushions and curtains to fluffy towels and cosy blankets, you’ll find them at Homefords. Buy your hotel furnishings in bulk and you will even receive a 5% discount!

Premium hotel bedding from Homefords

Homefords is here to help you. Our website is accessible by mobile, tablet or computer and you can feel confident buying the hotel bedding you need through our secure payment portal. Alternatively, contact our help centre and a member of our friendly team will assist you over the phone. Give Homefords a try today and see what you can find.