Should I Buy White Towels?

Black and White Towel Hanging Up

A big question for any organisation that provides towels as part of its services is what colour to pick? There are a lot of good reasons either way to choose colourful towels or white towels, depending on your priorities. If you struggle to pick between classic white or lots of colour, read on for a list of considerations to keep in mind.

Colour co-ordination

A key concern when buying coloured towels is that they may fade and change colour with time. This could mean that when repurchasing towels, you will find that they do not match exactly, or maybe that the shop stopped making that exact colour! The way to prevent running out of matching coloured towels is just to buy in bulk. Many companies frequently change the products they offer, so colour choices and fabric textures may change over time.

You can completely avoid this problem, however, if you just buy white towels. White towels can be bought from entirely different places and still essentially match, or at least blend. You will never have to worry about them fading and no longer matching exactly. It will also make re-purchasing much easier. And speaking of matching – if all your linens are the same colour, there will be a more cohesive feel to your whole unit.


The main benefit to using white towels in a hotel is that they are the easiest to clean. You may think that dark colours are less likely to show signs of wear, but clients will assume that’s why they’ve been bought. White linens will show up any stains, which may seem intimidating, but the lack of dye means that a small amount of bleach can be added to every wash cycle without staining the fabric. Instead of unsightly marks or fading the colour, bleaching will keep the white towels looking bright and fresh for much longer.

Having towels that show dirty marks easily can also be beneficial, as you will always know when your towels need cleaning. For tips on how to keep linens of any colour clean, check out ’Are You Damaging Your Linens by Mistake?’.

How does colour affect your mood?

If you are going to pick a coloured towel, why not employ a little colour theory? A large array of studies show that different colours can change your mood, so you can have your towels reflecting the feeling you want to convey. While some prefer the zen, spa-like feel of white towels, a sunny yellow is always uplifting, and is even one of the colours for 2021. Or why not blue? Depending on the shade, blue towels can be seen as either calming or playful. Or go for green towels, a more unusual colour, that is linked to tranquillity, luck, and good health.

When picking colours, you must think about the effect they have on people. Not everyone loves the same colours, so think about your customers’ experience, and try to avoid anything that might be shocking – so maybe avoid neon. This is where white towels do have the upper hand. White is a classic colour, and a crisp clean white hotel towel feels very luxe in a way coloured towels might not.

Mini makeover

White towels can be a bit boring. Coloured towels inject a fun splash of colour into any bathroom. If you don’t have the budget or time for a complete refit of your bathrooms, a new colourful towel can bring in an accent colour and completely change the feel of a room.

You might consider picking a colour that ties in well with your business, for example a colour that features predominantly on your logo. Don’t worry about this if you do really want white towels, though – white goes with everything, so shouldn’t clash with whatever colour scheme you already have going.

Home away from home

If you offer a honeymoon suite, it might be a good idea to offer two colours of towels, so that partners can have a colour each – a much classier and gender neutral alternative to towels embroidered ‘His’ and ‘Hers’. Or, for a family room, you could offer a few different colours. This would be particularly fun for children, who might enjoy getting to choose their specific colour. This is an added, optional touch that will make your guests feel well looked after and right at home.

White towels – the verdict

White towels are classic for a reason. They never go out of style, and are easy to clean. But coloured towels are fun, and a quick and affordable way to spruce up even boring bathrooms. So, it’s really up to your aesthetic preferences.

Whatever your decision, Homefords has something to fit your requirements. We offer a large variety of wholesale towels at a very affordable price point. Shipping is free to mainland UK, with a bulk discount and with a minimum order of only £100.

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