Should You Wash New Bedding Before You Use It?

Imagine – your guests are having a great time at your cosy BnB, when suddenly they suffer an allergic reaction to your brand-new bedding.

Nightmare, right?

If the thought of this keeps you awake at night, you’ve likely wondered – should you wash new bedding before you use it?

As bedding suppliers, it’s a question we’re asked a lot.

Stick around as we weigh up the pros, and cons, of using new bedding right away, and ask if it’s really worth the extra step.

Everybody Loves New Bedding

Introducing new bedding to your hotel or BnB can make a world of difference. Fresh bedding not only looks good, but helps guests to unwind and sleep soundly.

It’s also a budget-friendly way to spruce the place up, ensuring you stay on top of the latest bedding trends and maintain your reputation as the go-to spot for a fantastic stay.

The Trouble With New Bedding

Although new bedding may appear perfect, there could be potential problems lurking beneath.

Let’s uncover these hidden concerns and see why washing new bedding may be essential in addressing them.

Hygiene Matters

Hygiene is vital in any hospitality environment. Although new sheets might look clean, it is likely that during manufacturing, the sheets have come into contact with any number of potential contaminants.

Dust, dirt and chemical residues left behind from the dyeing process could have settled on the fabric.

Dermatologists agree that washing new sheets, whilst not a guarantee that all irritants will be removed, is absolutely the best start to ensuring a fresh and sanitary sleeping environment.

Preserving Your Investment

Laundering new sheets can play a crucial role in extending the life of your fabrics. These residues and excess dyes that may be present can contribute to all sorts of premature wear and tear.

By washing them before their first use and removing these abrasive particles, you can preserve the integrity of the fabric and maximize on your investment. It is a simple strategy that ensures your sheets remain in perfect condition, for as long as possible.

Comfort Counts

New sheets can feel stiff and unwelcoming. Putting new sheets through the wash can not only eliminate this initial stiffness but also soften the fabric. And by providing guests with soft and inviting bedding, you’re giving them the best possible sleep experience.

It’s a small gesture that speaks volumes of your dedication to their well-being.

And at the end of the day, it’s all about a good night’s sleep.

Dreaming Of New Bedding?

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