Spring Sale! Get 10% Off Blackout Curtains & Blinds

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Spring has sprung, the clocks have gone forward and the days are getting lighter. Summer is just around the corner. The question is – are your curtains and blinds up to the challenge of more light? If they’re not blackout, you might struggle to get a good night’s rest or enjoy a snoozy lie-in.

The good news is – our Spring Sale is here! And we’re offering 10% off blackout curtains and blinds. Hurrah!

Why blackout curtains & blinds are so important

With days getting lighter, it can be difficult to get some shut eye – especially as sunlight naturally sends signals to the brain to wake up. And without blackout blinds or curtains, this problem could only get worse as the weather improves.

Being well-rested can protect both your mental and physical well-being. Lots of sleep mean you’re refreshed in the morning and ready for whatever the day throws at you. A healthy sleeping pattern can help you to concentrate and can even improve your mood. Whilst you’re sleeping, your body is working hard to maintain healthy brain and body functions. This is especially important for children and teens, as a good eight hours helps support their growth and development.

So, how do you ensure a good night’s rest? When shopping for blinds and curtains this spring, make sure you look out for that all-important blackout feature. This the best way to keep those rays at bay, keep rooms darker and make sure sleep deprivation is avoided.

Whether you’re in need of a spring refresh or need to block out that morning sunrise, we have the best products for even better prices. In our spring sale, get 10% off all blackout blinds and curtains. So, what are your options?

Curate your space with colourful curtains

Blackout curtains are also a great way to redesign a room that is both practical and stylish. Check out our handy curtain buying guide if you need some help.

If in doubt, why not double up? Blackout furnishings are the ideal solution for blocking light in any room, so combine a fashionable blind with an elegant curtain for extra protection. With complimenting colours and fresh designs, you can come up with some winning combinations.

Why Homefords?

Homefords is great wholesale option for all UK trade, commercial premises and business. Whether you’re a hotel, B&B, care home or simply shopping for your home, we have the perfect blackout curtains and blinds for you. Simply browse our offers page and then choose the colour, design and size you’re after.

With a minimum order of just £100 and free standard delivery in the UK, we offer fantastic value for money all year round. Don’t forget we have extra discounts on orders over £500 too.

Hurry, our Spring Sale won’t be round for long, so make sure to snap up the best blackout blinds and curtains.

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