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Picking the Right Towel for the Location & Use

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Whether it’s high-end luxury or everyday reliability, choosing the right towel for the location and use is not as easy as it sounds. Buying towels online can be tough. There are a few things to consider before bulk-buying for your business. Here’s our breakdown of how to choose the right towel for the location and […]

How to Tell if a Towel is High Quality

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Towels are a staple in every home, hotel, or hospital. Yet many people don’t give their quality enough thought when searching for new ones. So, what exactly defines a high-quality towel? Let’s explore with our foolproof guide to identifying good quality towels and understanding the difference between high and low quality options. How to identify […]

Towel Construction Vs Fabric: What’s the Difference?

Stack of towels

When purchasing towels for commercial or personal use, it is important to consider all of the options available and to weigh up the pros and cons of each option, in order to make the best decision. This post will highlight two of the most crucial aspects to consider – the towel construction and the fabric […]

The Secret to Fluffy Hotel Towels

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If you’ve ever wondered how hotels manage to keep their towels so soft and fluffy despite the demands of the hospitality industry, you’re in the right place. When spending the night away from home, you’ll likely have noticed the difference between your own lacklustre towels and the high-quality ones provided by your hotel. But it’s […]

The Benefits of Egyptian Cotton

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In the hospitality sector, it’s crucial to provide the very best experience for your guests. As well as hiring friendly, attentive staff, that means purchasing the very best materials to enhance their comfort. One of the finest materials you can find for your guests is Egyptian cotton. It’s highly regarded as the gold standard in […]

Egyptian Cotton vs Regular Cotton – What’s the Difference?

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When finding the perfect bed linen or towels for your establishment, it’s likely you’ll that you’ll hear that Egyptian cotton is heralded over regular cotton. But is there any truth behind this? From towels and bedsheets to bathrobes and cushions, Egyptian cotton could be a perfect choice. But it’s important to know what you’re looking […]