Complete Guide to Buying Towels

Your towels shouldn’t be an afterthought because they play a significant role in your business. Apart from keeping your customers warm and snug, the right towel will protect their skin and add an extra layer of comfort to their overnight stay. Also, it’s essential to think about allergies and the impact on people’s health and wellbeing.

Of course, towels are decorative tools too, so you should consider what colour and style will work best with your decor. After all, your company must stand out from the crowd if you want to build a stellar reputation and appeal to a wider customer base.

From incorporating the finishing touches to your bathrooms and bedrooms to adding different textures, picking the right towels is essential. However, it’s much harder than it appears on the surface.

At Homefords, we understand what it takes to create a welcoming experience for your guests, because we’re experts at everything interior design-related. With our extensive towel buying guide below, you’ll be able to make quick-fire decisions without wondering whether what you’re doing is correct. Continue reading as we simplify the process into straightforward, bite-size chunks.

Find the answer to your bedding questions:

Which size should you choose?

Size matters! It’s particularly important for wholesale towels because different measurements have different properties. The last thing you want to do is give your guests hand towels to dry themselves with after a shower or bath! The good news is, we don’t believe in overcomplicating things. To keep things as simple as possible, we stock the following wholesale towels to ensure your towel policy isn’t one-size-fits-all.

Face cloths

Not every drying occasion calls for a big surface area. When your customers only need to splash their faces or wipe down without showering, a face cloth is a perfect option. At only 30cm x 30cm, face cloths are the smallest towel available. They’re also excellent for creating a pampering experience, especially when paired with the spa-inspired toiletries.

For entrepreneurs who work in the hospitality industry, this is a must-have feature as it adds value to your service offering. Our face cloths might only be small, but they show attention to detail and are something that your guests will thank you for.

Guest towels

Again, it’s the small things that make the biggest impact, and guest towels epitomise this down to the ground. At 30cm x 50cm, they are slightly smaller than hand towels and take up less space in guest bathrooms while doing the same job. At 640gsm, our wholesale guest towels are light, absorbent and made from 100% cotton, making them soft and substantial in equal measure.

Hand towels

Like guest towels, our hand towels are designed to be extra durable because they are often used more regularly than guest towels and face cloths. At 85cm x 50cm, they are an all-around asset that can be used for several jobs, from wiping down surfaces to drying hair. Whether you run a hotel, hostel or B&B, it’s imperative to have plenty of these towels around to make sure you cover every base.

Bath towels

As the name suggests, bath towels are the type of towels people use when drying off after a bath or shower. Therefore, they should be as luxurious as possible so that your customers are cosy and comfortable.

Homefords goes the extra mile for you and your guests with our different bath towel ranges, including Premier, Twilight, and Ultima. All of them, regardless of the type or cost, are soft and heavyweight to ensure of a high level of long-lasting quality.

Worried that your towels may be losing their plush appearance or that they don’t feel as soft as they used to? Discover the secret to fluffy hotel towels on our blog.

Bath sheets

Sometimes, a regular towel just doesn’t cut it. For a larger towel that can provide extra warmth and help you dry off more quickly, you need a bath sheet. Since they’re 145cm x 90cm, they are considerably larger than any other towel in the Homefords’ range, making them ideal for people who want to wear them straight out of the shower or bath.

The 500gsm fabric is super comfy and absorbent, yet its robust nature means our bath sheets can take on other jobs to. Cover the floor to stop it from getting wet, wipe up excess moisture on surfaces or use your bath sheet as an extra rug or blanket.

What does GSM mean?

You’ll see the term “GSM” quite a lot when you’re researching wholesale towels, and it’s important to know what it means because it plays a considerable role in the final quality. GSM stands for Grams per Square Metre, with the weight indicating the size and quality.

For example, a low GSM of under 400 means that a towel would be lightweight and relatively thin. Anything over 400gsm is thicker and heavier. At Homefords, we provide two high-GSM options to choose from – a thick 500gsm and a plush 640gsm – to ensure luxury and comfort for your guests. For bath towels and sheets, anything over 500gsm is soft to the touch and will leave your skin feeling lush.

Also, the heavier the towel, the more absorbent it is, which is another reason why our wholesale towels have a base GSM of 500 and over. Of course, the extra weight means that towels don’t dry as quickly, and that can be a problem for your guests if they want something to wrap themselves after bathing.

To combat this, all of our ranges are made from 100% cotton. The breathable material ensures water can get out and heat can get in, enabling it to dry faster. So, while there’s nothing better than a fluffy towel, your visitors won’t have to worry about damp cloths and towels ruining the experience. For your part, you won’t have to clean them as often, so our towels are excellent for cutting back on overheads.

Which design is best for me?

After figuring out what type of towel you want and your preferred GSM, you can then start browsing our different ranges to find a style that suits you. At Homefords, we offer three collections that are unique to our brand, and we stock them throughout our online shop in various colours. Learn more about each towel range below.

Premier range

The Premier range is our Jack of all trades. At 500gsm, these towels can do pretty much anything you need them to, from providing warmth after bathing to absorbing large quantities of water. Simple and affordable, yet highly effective, they are superior to most wholesale towel products you’ll find on the market. Available in a wide range of sizes from face cloths to bath sheets, there really is something for everyone.

Twilight range

Our Twilight collection offers the same GSM as the Premier range, which means you get the same brilliant quality and durability. However, the towels in the Twilight collection feature a unique metallic border detail that is guaranteed to add a hint of sparkle to any guest bathroom. Choose matching hand and bath towels in one of three stylish shades, or go all out with a deluxe bath sheet.

Ultima range

Our Ultima collection is the one that we are most proud of because it goes the extra mile for our customers. At 640gsm, it is our most luxurious, heavyweight option. Ultima wholesale towels also implement a double density pile for the same reason. If you want to stand out from your competitors and impress your guests, this is the range for you.

Want to know more? Take a look at each of our different towel ranges and see what they have to offer by heading to the wholesale towel section on our website.

What else should you consider before buying towels?

Although it doesn’t seem like a complicated subject on the surface, there’s a lot more to the towel buying process than how they look or how much they cost. These are critical features, but you already know about them because they are some of the first things you consider.

With that in mind, below are some factors that you might not normally focus on, but that you should start considering as they are important to the final product.


Towel twists are challenging to distinguish with the naked eye, which is why so many people don’t consider them before heading to the checkout. However, the number of twists in the yarn that makes up the fabric can affect the quality of your towels.

As a rule, the more twists a towel has, the less luxurious it feels on your skin. Lots of our wholesale products, such as the everyday towels in our Premier range, only contain a single twist to the pile for a softer and more absorbent finish.


We don’t want to speak ill of our competitors, yet we understand there are horror stories out there that you want to avoid. Some companies will add softeners to the surface of the towel so that they feel soft when you touch them on the shelves, or when they arrive on your doorstep. However, after a couple of spins in the washing machine, they are coarse and rough.

The good news is that cotton, the main material in our towels, naturally stops piling. Plus, it can hold 25 times its weight in water, making it super-absorbent. Choosing 100% cotton towels is the most effective way to ensure great absorbency rates and long-lasting softness, so you know you’re in good hands with the Homefords range.


In the hospitability industry, we understand that you need to be careful when it comes to maintenance. Aside from wanting to ensure everything is clean, you can’t waste time messing around with finicky products. Towels that are machine washable are perfect because they are zero fuss and hassle.

While our cotton wholesale towels are highly durable and easy to take care of, we recommend you read our guide on how and when to wash your towels to avoid common laundry mistakes and prolong their life even further.


As you know, we don’t believe in sacrificing quality to cut costs. We pride ourselves on supplying our customers with quality, long-lasting products that will make your life easier and improve your guests’ experience.

You need high-quality towels at affordable prices. Unfortunately, too many providers charge extortionate fees and price you out. At Homefords, our products are competitively priced and we also offer discounts on bulk purchases. You can also enjoy free shipping on orders to mainland UK addresses, as an added bonus too.

What are the best tips for buying towels?

There’s an endless list of manufacturers, all of which have bold claims about their products. It can be hard to cut through the noise and source the items you need, but it is doable with the following hacks for buying towels.

  • Inspect the towel: You don’t have to put a lot of emphasis on how the towel feels because there are ways to make it softer and more comfortable. Instead, you should focus on the small details that highlight high-quality craftsmanship, such as neatly trimmed edges with sturdy stitching. This indicates that the manufacturer takes their time and doesn’t mass produce products in a hurry. Also, good stitching means the fabric should stay in place for longer, meaning you’ll get more value for your money.
  • Understand what the weight means: This towel buying guide has outlined why weight is important, yet you still need to keep your requirements in mind during the buying process. If you don’t, you could buy something that doesn’t fit the bill. For faster-drying towels, you’ll need a lower GSM. If you prefer fluffy, absorbent towels, look for ones that are rated 500gsm or higher.
  • Concentrate on the fibres: Different manufacturers will use varying materials and this makes life hard from a buying point of view. As a rule, anything that is cotton is usually superior, especially if it’s 100% cotton, but a blend of cotton and polyester is also a good choice as they dry fast and often cost less.

Visit our blog for further tips on finding long-lasting bath towels for your business.

Why is colour important?

Everyone has a go-to colour, but it’s essential not to get bogged down with trying to choose the perfect shade. Remember that each of your customers is different and will have their own preferences. As a result, it’s nice to mix and match accessories or choose more subtle hues which will complement your soft furnishings and décor.

Of course, crisp white towels will never fail to appear inviting and professional, but buying wholesale towels in a variety of different shades means you can tailor them to each room’s theme or provide a selection for your guests to choose from.

What colours do Homefords stock?

Premier Collection - 500g Everyday Towel Range All Colours

We’re soft furnishings specialists, so we don’t take fabric colours lightly. When you shop for wholesale towels with us, you get to pick between ten different shades, from  classic white to stylish black and bolder shades like blue, pink and green.

Our full range of colours includes:

We only use the best, long-lasting dyes in our products, which means the colour will stay strong even after it has been washed a couple of times. Simply follow the washing instructions and the colour will remain bold for longer.

Which towels are easy to care for?

If you’re target is to find towels that are easy to look after, then you’ll need to consider several things before you make a purchase. Otherwise, you could end up with towels that are tough to keep in their original form, which is problematic when you will be washing them regularly.

The first thing to look for is the GSM. The higher the GSM, the longer it will take to dry out since the fluffy nature of the towel will hold extra water. Of course, you don’t want to sacrifice quality for something that’s easier to launder, but quality 500gsm offer a good middle ground. Opt for our Premier or Twilight collections to keep maintenance to a minimum.

Another feature to factor into your decision is the towel’s colour. This is because marks are often much quicker to show up on lighter towels such as white and cream. Thanks to the dyes we use, our coloured towels keep their original form, meaning you don’t have to worry about fading or rough towels after several washes.

Don’t forget about the number of twists, either. When towels have several twists, they aren’t as effective when it comes to evaporation since the fabric gets in the way of the process. With a single twist or zero twists, the material will dry much faster.

If in doubt when it comes to caring for your towels, read our laundry tips to make sure you don’t accidentally damage your linens in the process.


What different purposes can towels have?

Bathroom & Towel Set

The temptation is to focus on the main feature of towels. However, there is more to them than meets the eye, especially if you work in hospitality. Yes, they should be fluffy and absorbent, but you want different qualities for different activities.

The room

Bath towels need to be as luxurious as possible because people will use them on their bodies, and they want to feel cosy, comfortable and protected. With double-pile twists, 100% cotton fabric and a high GSM, your guests will look forward to every bath or shower they take in your establishment thanks to our wholesale towels!

Towels in other rooms are probably going to be used less. As a result, you can concentrate on the colour and style a lot more to ensure the accents perfectly match the design trends you have implemented throughout your home or business.


Remember this motto – different strokes for different folks. The same applies to towels, as not everyone will use them in the way you imagine. For example, your customers might like to pack one in their bag when they go to the gym. In this case, your towels should be durable, relatively fast-drying and easy to maintain as they’ll need to be washed often.

A kitchen towel, on the other hand, is more about practicality. As well as being used to dry dishes, it may also be used to hold hot items straight out of the oven. You’ll therefore want to choose strong towels that won’t wilt under pressure.

Out and about

If you run a hotel, guesthouse or a retail shop close to a leisure facility, you should consider how often people leave their pool and beach towels at home. In this case, you should consider providing thinner, multi-purpose towels that can be used for a variety of activities.

That way, when the inevitable happens, your guests and shoppers won’t have to miss out on having fun because of their lack of organisation. You’ll have their backs, while reducing the risk of your luxury guest towels being used outdoors.

Speak with our friendly team today

Hopefully, the information above means you’re better placed to go out and find wholesale towels that fit your criteria. Of course, if you need any extra help picking out towels, you can always contact a member of our customer service team.

Homefords’ employees are knowledgeable and highly trained, and we’re always on hand to answer your questions and queries and put your mind at ease. You don’t even have to work in hospitality – we cover all companies that deal in buying and selling towels.

Whether it’s a GSM-related query or something to do with maintenance, we’re only a phone call away. Get in touch with us today and we’ll guide you through everything you need to know.

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