7 Visual Merchandising Trends We’re Tipping for 2022

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Want to improve your customers’ shopping experience and get ahead in the New Year? From digital innovation to share-worthy visual displays, we’ve put together a list of the top visual merchandising trends that will help your brick and mortar store gain a competitive advantage in 2022. Sound good? Read on to learn more.

Retailing merchandising ideas for the year ahead

1.  Demand-driven focal points

Nowadays, most buyer transactions are recorded in some sort of a computer system. As a retailer, this means you can track what your customers are buying – both online and in store. With this data, you can forecast sales more accurately and order in more of the items your customers buy most. You can then make the most in-demand products the focal point of your visual displays to attract attention and boost sales. This will also make the shopping process more streamlined for people short on time!

2. Localised visual merchandising

Localised visual merchandising is another data-driven trend that you can try. It involves creating product displays tailored to local customers, and is effective for two reasons. Firstly, people now expect a more customised shopping experience that fits their needs. Secondly, people in different places need different things. So, think about your location, look at your sales data and then adapt in-store displays to suit the local demographic. For example, if you’re in a student city, an affordable, easy-care bedding range is likely to sell better than a premium one, so make it prominent.

3. Focus on sustainability

With the rise of climate activism, people are now more eco-conscious than ever. Because of this, many shoppers are buying goods from brands that use sustainable practices. So, if your business has taken steps to be more green, be sure to highlight them in your retail merchandising! For example, use signage at the till to outline your company’s environmentally friendly initiatives like reusable bags and paperless sales. You could even integrate plants into your displays for that extra touch!

4. Digital enhancements

Keen to bring your visual merchandising right up to date? How about enhancing the shopping experience with user-friendly digital tools? From apps that enable people to view your available stock to QR codes that provide more information about your products when scanned, there are many ways to make the buying process easier for your customers. Plus, if you lack physical space in your shop, you can also use technology to expand your in-store displays.

Rather than trying to showcase every single colour in your towel range, for instance, you could display a handful of the most popular shades instead. You would then utilise POS signage to provide a list of available colours – either printed or digital – and direct customers to your website to browse the full collection online.

5. Less is more

Following on from the last point, remember that less is usually more when it comes to retail merchandising. In fact, the minimalism trend has been around for several years now and although it’s adapted over time, your aim should still be to reduce clutter wherever possible.

Keeping your displays clean and simple is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also makes it easier for people to find what they’re looking for. Plus, cramped, untidy shelves can devalue your products, while free space creates a sense of luxury. So, if you’re thinking of displaying a selection of bestsellers in your store and advertising additional products online, go ahead and give it a try!

6. Shareable in-store displays

In the age of social media, if your visual merchandising isn’t Instagram-worthy, you’re missing a trick! Attractive in-store displays can help you stand out amongst a sea of other retailers – particularly online. Make sure you always have a chic and eye-catching storefront that’s relevant to the season and current interior trends. The more unique, the better – as people will be more tempted to take a picture and share it online if your display is interesting. You could also put your social media handles and brand hashtags on your supporting signage to promote social sharing.

7. Interactive merchandising

While interactive merchandising has been somewhat restricted over the past 18 months, the reality is that most customers like to see, touch and even smell products before they buy them. That’s particularly true when it comes to soft furnishings like bedding, blankets and towels, because people want to test out the quality and feel of the material in person before committing. Creating interactive in-store displays that appeal to a range of senses can therefore add to the customer experience and increase sales.

However, given that we are only just coming out of the other side of a pandemic, safety is still a concern. To ensure your customers feel safe and comfortable when shopping in store next year, it’s a good idea to keep certain measures in place. For example, provide hygiene stations for people to clean their hands before handling goods and space out your displays to avoid crowding.

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