What are the Best Rugs for Airbnbs?

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If you are kitting out a property with the prospect of turning it into an Airbnb, then you are sure to need some rugs to add extra practicality, comfort and style to your rental.

You may not realise it but the right rug can really transform a room, providing an alluring focal point and making the space instantly more inviting to your guests. With that in mind, it’s best to take your time when choosing these finishing touches. Remember, they can make all the difference when it comes to creating a cosy atmosphere that will make your guests want to come back again and again.

With 100 years of experience in the soft furnishings industry, Homefords is here to help you find the perfect products. Read on for some helpful advice on what to consider when choosing the best rugs for Airbnbs.

How to choose the best rugs for Airbnbs

Select the right rug for the right surface

The first and most important step when it comes to rug buying is to evaluate what kind of surfaces you will be placing the rugs on. For instance, will you be putting them in rooms with heavy foot traffic, such as the lounge and hallways?

If so, you will need to think about the material of the rugs that you’ll be buying. You’ll want rugs that look attractive while providing a durable, hard-wearing surface to cushion your guests’ feet. With that in mind, synthetic fabrics are best, as they feel soft and cosy, but they’re also cost-effective, easy to maintain and long-lasting.

At Homefords, all of the wholesale Airbnb rugs we stock are made of a polyester blend, which guarantees longevity and provides a sumptuously soft surface for your guests to walk on.

Find rugs that are easy to clean

If you are managing an Airbnb, particularly one that accommodates children and/or pets, then spillages are going to be inevitable. As a result, you definitely don’t want to have to worry about a deeply stained rug that simply won’t come clean in time for your next guest’s arrival.

That’s why we’d recommend that you choose affordable but good-quality rugs made out of easy-to-clean materials, rather than a rug made of silk or viscose. These rugs will be much easier to remove stains from, or you can quickly and inexpensively replace them with a like-for-like if they are badly damaged.

When it comes to minimising stains, you may also want to consider choosing rugs in darker shades or bold patterns, such as our gorgeous Candy Stipe rug, as these won’t show stains as clearly as paler colours.

Choose the right size rug for the space

This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many rental properties have rugs that are too small for the room they’re occupying – a design mistake that can have a jarring effect on the eye when guests first enter.

If you’re choosing a rug for your Airbnb’s living room, select one that is at least big enough so that all of the chairs can have their front legs resting on it. This provides a large and inviting surface for your guests to relax on as they watch TV or plan their holiday activities around the coffee table.

However, if you’re choosing rugs for your rental property’s bedrooms, you don’t need to worry so much about choosing a large one. For example, it doesn’t matter if the rug you have chosen doesn’t fit along the whole length of the bed, including the nightstand. It merely needs to accommodate the space where your guests are most likely to place their feet when they wake up in the morning.

Our faux fur rugs are a great choice for this purpose, as they provide a deliciously fluffy surface for your guests to plunge their toes into when they wake up – particularly enjoyable during the colder months.

Match your rugs to your décor

Another important thing to watch out for when buying rugs for your Airbnb is to make sure they blend nicely with your property’s décor. This will help tie each room together and create a homely and soothing atmosphere for your guests.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have some bright pops of colour in a neutral space, but you have to be careful not to choose a rug that is too brash or bright, as it could disrupt the room’s theme. Selecting a rug in a neutral or darker tone is a safe bet, as they are more likely to fit with any style of décor and help to create a cohesive look.

For example, the rugs from our Sparkles collection are sure to look stunning with any décor, as they come in an array of shades to coordinate with any colour scheme. Best of all, they also double as bathmats, so you can order them for your bathrooms too. That way, your guests will have a lovely soft and absorbent surface to step out onto when they get out of the bath or shower.

Order your Airbnb rugs today at Homefords

If you would like to start ordering wholesale rugs and other soft furnishings for your Airbnb, here at Homefords we’re happy to help you choose the perfect items to suit your property.

As the UK’s most trusted supplier of wholesale soft furnishings, we have decades of experience and we will do everything we can to provide you with an outstanding service from start to finish.

You can purchase rugs for your Airbnb quickly and easily through our online payment portal and enjoy the added benefit of bulk discounts on large orders. Once you’ve placed your order, our free UK delivery will ensure your rugs get to you within 2-6 days.

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