What are Voile Curtains?

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Whether you’re searching for a brand-new product range or want to revamp your commercial properties, look no further than our effortlessly elegant voile curtains. We have plenty of styles and sizes to browse, complementing everything from contemporary to shabby-chic interiors.

Curious to learn more? Keep reading as we answer your most common questions, including:

What are voile curtains?

So, what are voile curtains? Voiles are a modern-day twist on traditional net curtains. Wave goodbye to the highly decorative, coarse fabrics adorning your grandma’s windows – and say hello to sophisticated, free-flowing materials that wouldn’t look out of place in the swankiest hotels.

While there’s a wealth of gorgeous designs on the market – in every conceivable colour – they all have one thing in common: a translucent texture that maximises light and provides excellent privacy. Who knew it was this easy to get the best of both worlds?

Many homeowners, property developers and interior designers prefer voiles to standard curtains because they’re easy to install and surprisingly cost-effective. If you’re kitting out several rooms, you’ll make extraordinary savings without sacrificing quality.

What’s the difference between voile and net curtains?

Voiles and netting belong to the same family. Both allow more light in than traditional curtains while offering some much-needed protection from the outside world. However, there are a few key differences to consider before placing a wholesale order.

First are the fabrics – voiles are typically woven and have a significantly higher thread count that’s silky smooth to the touch. We prefer 100% polyester because it’s strong enough to withstand daily wear but flexible enough to move fluidly. In contrast, net curtains are knitted from coarser materials. Although they’re extremely durable, you’ll notice a slightly stiffer feel that affects the quality of the drape.

Style comes next. Net curtains are quickly falling out of fashion as people prioritise softer, more modern alternatives. Voiles add a light and breezy quality to every setting, including offices, bedrooms and student accommodation. If you’re an online or offline retailer, you’ll be amazed at how quickly these stunning sheer masterpieces fly off the shelf!

Lastly, voile curtains are much more economical than netting, mostly because of their popularity. You can find something to suit every personality and budget, including standard single and made-to-measure panels.

What are the benefits of voile curtains?

Still not convinced? Let’s take a closer look at why you should invest in voile curtains.

There are bundles of amazing benefits, from maximising natural light to improving airflow. Whatever design you choose, you’ll also relish the ease of maintenance – voiles are super easy to clean, meaning you’ll save cash on laundry costs.

Maximise natural light 

Above all else, voile curtains maximise natural light while keeping nosy neighbours at bay. The floaty fabrics blur the edges between the outside and inside, creating a relaxed Parisian patio feel. You can hang them on French doors, sliding doors and bi-folds – not to mention every kind of window.

We know what you’re thinking – are you sure you can’t see through them? Absolutely. While they aren’t as thick as traditional curtains, they still offer fantastic privacy. If you’re worried, you can usually choose between sheer and semi-sheer material for extra peace of mind. Otherwise, pair them with another window covering.

Practicality and privacy aside, a well-lit room is the secret to emotional wellbeing. Research shows that natural light in office environments leads to better health, reduced absenteeism and increased productivity.

Improve airflow

There’s nothing worse than a stuffy space, especially in the depths of summer. Luckily, voile curtains boast exceptional ventilation properties to improve airflow. The thin material keeps out the worst of the sun’s rays while permitting refreshing afternoon breezes.

Despite this, voiles offer good protection against pollen, dust and other airborne nasties. In tropical climates, they’re often used as mosquito and pest barriers. For added security, prioritise anti-allergen fabrics and avoid wacky colours. Sometimes, chemical detergents and dyes can irritate sensitive skin even without direct contact.


Whether you work in property development or hospitality, budget is probably at the forefront of your mind. You might have hundreds of hotel rooms to decorate or a client who wants luxury aesthetics for a fraction of the cost. Perhaps, you’re a retailer who wants to offer a more affordable solution to curtains – your customers will thank you later!

Whatever the reason, voiles offer unbeatable savings. Lightweight materials like polyester and/or cotton aren’t as expensive as heavy curtain fabrics. As such, you can usually find bespoke options at reasonable prices.


Textiles for commercial properties must be easy to clean, low maintenance and highly durable. Surprisingly for such a thin material, voile curtains tick all the boxes.

You don’t have to wash them often because they repel dirt and grime – simply shake the folds or brush them down to remove dusty residue. If you’d prefer to clean them thoroughly, ditch the laundry powder and detergent. Warm, soapy water is enough to have them looking brand-new. 

Countless on-trend styles

Voiles are the crème de la crème of the curtain world, combining practicality with super chic aesthetics. There are thousands of options to sift through, showcasing the most exquisite embroidery and colours. Why are there so many designs? Basically, thin fabrics are more suitable for complex needlework.

We have several attractive options to blend in with every kind of décor. The Lana Collection emphasises timeless elegance and simplicity with a single panel of delicate, sheer fabric. Choose from classic neutrals like white, cream and coffee. Or step outside your comfort zone with eye-catching red, lilac and cerise.

Prefer a little more texture? The Crushed Collection combines an eyelet voile panel with a silk-effect taffeta top border. The subtle contrast somehow walks the line between contemporary and vintage – ideal if you want a less defined style that will please everyone.

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What are the disadvantages of voile curtains?

While we’re a huge fan of voile curtains, they do have some drawbacks. They potentially let in too much light and sound, irritating poor sleepers. Plus, they aren’t very good insulators – you won’t keep in much extra heat with voiles alone in the colder winter months.

No protection against light or sound

Voiles aren’t a particularly clever option for bedrooms because they let in plenty of natural light. Unless layered with something sturdier, such as curtains, shutters or Roman blinds, sheer fabrics are a disaster for stressed-out sleepers.

Similarly, the gauzy material offers minimal soundproofing against shouting children, heavy traffic and the occasional post-pub bust-up. If your property is in a built-up area, you might be best off with specialist noise-reducing lined curtains instead.

Poor insulation

Of course, super lightweight materials aren’t as good at retaining heat, whereas heavy curtain fabrics produce an extra buffer against frost. Alongside feeling slightly nippier, you might notice a small increase in your energy bill. Residents and tenants can’t be expected to tough it out with layers upon layers of jumpers, socks and scarves.

Delicate and flimsy

People love voile fabric because it’s lightweight and drapes beautifully. However, it’s also relatively flimsy and delicate, therefore susceptible to damage. If your cats like climbing the curtains, you might need to reconsider your options.

Of course, it’s not all bad news. Although voiles are thin, they can withstand heavy traffic areas with appropriate care. What’s more, they hold their colour well against harsh sunlight.

What are the alternatives to voile curtains?

Understandably, voile curtains aren’t for everyone, but there’s a treasure chest of equally attractive options available. Prefer a touch more privacy? Swap voiles for traditional curtains with heavier fabrics. Want to transform bedrooms into cosy cocoons? Prioritise insulation with specially designed thermal and blackout lining


Blinds are a fantastic choice for every setting, offering unparalleled flexibility and convenience.

Robust Venetian blinds are ideal for student accommodation, whereas blackout roller blinds guarantee a good night’s sleep in five-star hotels. You can also find charming faux-wood blinds and scalloped edge roller blinds to lend your space some va-va-voom.

Plus, you won’t be disappointed with the ease of installation and maintenance – a quick rinse with a damp cloth will keep your blinds looking brand-new for many years to come. Why bother with mammoth laundry loads when you only need a few wet wipes?

Blinds also let individuals control the brightness of the room. Whether you enjoy full morning sunlight or a cool, shadowy space, you can adjust the settings for maximum comfort. 

Traditional curtains

Curtains are one of the most popular window coverings for commercial and residential properties. Available in abundant textures, fabrics, colours and patterns, you’re bound to find something to revolutionise your space. On top of this, you can’t beat them for privacy. The weighty fabrics are a barrier to street noise and prying glares.

Although voiles are less expensive initially, curtains might be more cost-effective in the long run. Lined curtains and thermal curtains are brilliant insulators, meaning you won’t have to crank up the heating in the colder months – fantastic news for businesses that need to look after the pennies.

Specialist blackout curtains 

Blackout curtains are the obvious option for hotels, B&Bs and multi-tenant properties because they reduce light exposure for a restful night’s sleep. As you can imagine, happy guests equal more five-star reviews and better exposure for your business.

Can voile curtains be hung with other products?

Combining voiles with other window coverings is a fantastic option if you can’t make your mind up. Curtains offer additional protection against the elements in the winter, but you can draw them back in the summer and rely solely on your voiles.

Many homeowners also layer voiles with curtains or blinds to enhance privacy. The sheer fabric allows you to enjoy the outside views during the day, while curtains can be closed at night to keep you feeling safe and secure. The possibilities are endless!

Where can I use voile curtains?

Basically, anywhere! Voiles look fantastic in every setting, from master bedrooms and children’s rooms to offices and hospitality spaces. While you can hang them from any sized frame, they look best at striking glass expanses – think bay windows, garden windows, Venetian windows, and ceiling-to-floor windows and doors.

Thanks to their subtlety, they’re less of a statement piece and more of a complementary feature. We suggest combining them with matching throws, cushions and rugs for a thread of cohesion.

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How do you care for voile curtains?

You’ll be pleased to know voiles are exceptionally easy to care for – welcome news for hoteliers and homeowners alike. However, the materials differ, so it’s worth checking the manufacturer’s instructions before you chuck them in the wash.

Curtains made of natural fibres like silk and cotton can be laundered at home or dry-cleaned. If you’re washing them in the machine, choose the delicate setting and a low heat to prevent the material from shrinking. We don’t suggest tumble drying unless you’re really pressed for time. Instead, leave them to hang and air dry naturally. You can carefully iron them – just don’t use too much heat.

Synthetic voiles are more demanding. They’re usually too delicate to withstand whirling washing machines, so it’s best to clean them by hand in a bathtub of cool, soapy water. You could also get them professionally dry-cleaned. Unlike natural fibre voiles, you shouldn’t tumble dry them at all.

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