What Colour Towels Are Best for My Airbnb?

Two Bath Towels in Red and Green for Airbnb

As an Airbnb host, you know that you’re offering your guests more than a beautiful home. You’re giving them an experience worth remembering.

Little touches like gorgeous linens can make a big difference in creating that lasting impression. In this post, we’ll exploring how to choose colourful towels that will boost the appeal of your Airbnb and ensure that every guest’s stay is truly special.

How can your towels help to create the perfect ambiance?

A key question is – how do you want your guests to feel while they’re at your property, and how can colour in your towels help to craft that mood?

If you’re furnishing a quiet forest retreat, maybe you want to establish a relaxing, serene atmosphere. In that case, a luxuriously soft white towel would make your Airbnb feel spa-like.

On the other hand, a stylish city flat might want marigold-bright ochre towels to energise guests for a day of visiting museums and the theatre.

A cute cottage with pink and cornflower blue towels would have a fun, playful aura. Or plush graphite towels would enhance the cool factor of a high-tech, ultramodern house. The possibilities are endless!

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What colour fits best with the current season?

Switching out your towels to match the season is a smart and cost-effective way to make your guests even more comfortable and show off the seasonal character of your Airbnb property.

If fiery autumnal foliage is a highlight of your Airbnb or its surroundings, then why not add some burnt orange towels to echo that lovely hue? Or if it’s freezing outside, an all-white bathroom might start to feel chilly. Adding towels in warm walnut could create cosiness.

How can your towels add glamour to your property on social media?

We all know how powerful social media can be. The perfect photo or video is a win for your guest and can bring their friends flocking to your Airbnb too!

The key here is uniqueness. Dramatic colours like bold cobalt or luxe towel features like a glittering border detail can help your property to stand out in a poolside pic or a bathroom selfie.

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Should your property’s linens be similar in colour?

Harmonising colours throughout your property can create a sense of calm and coherence, especially in a minimalist-styled home. But contrasting colours and patterns can also bring vibrancy to a property with eclectic decor. The choice is yours!

If you’re looking to make life easier when it comes to washing, and don’t want colours to run, then similar colours are best. But don’t feel restricted to buying everything in white or exactly the same colour. A spring green or silver towel, for example, can be washed with any light-coloured or printed sheet.

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Before you buy towels, be sure to read our guide to choosing the best towels.

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