What Is Included in a Bedding Bundle?


Whether you’re kitting out a B&B, a hostel or student accommodation, you’ll be on the lookout for stylish soft furnishings for bedrooms at affordable prices. With bedding at the top of your shopping list, how can you buy in bulk without breaking the bank?

One helpful way to save money is to purchase bedding bundles. But what exactly does this include? And would a bundle be the right choice for you? Read on as we explore the ins and outs of bedding bundles.


Accommodation comes in all shapes and sizes, that’s why there’s a bedding bundle for all types of beds. Whether it’s single, double, kingsize or even super kingsize there’s a suitable sized package for each bedroom.


Bedding bundles can include a mixture of items. One type can include a mattress protector, duvet and pillows. This is a great option if you’re just starting out and need to kit out your bedrooms from scratch.

Other types of bedding bundles might simply include a range of bed linen such as a fitted sheet, flat sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers. These are perfect for B&Bs and hostels where you need to refresh your bed linen often.


Bedding bundles can also come in a range of colours and patterns. Some furnishing companies may offer a mix and match deal, with clashing designs and vibrant hues. Others will bundle their bedding by colour, making it easier for you to find everything you need in one simple place.  

Benefits of bundles

Are bedding bundles worth it? The simple answer is yes.

Buying bundle deals in bulk is a cost-effective way to refresh your soft furnishings, without compromising on style or quality. You can ensure you get the right amount of bed linen for each bedroom, with no need to worry about too many fitted sheets or missing pillowcases. In short, bedding bundles take the stress out of kitting out accommodation.

Bedding at Homefords

At Homefords we have a range of wholesale bedding in a vast array of colours and sizes to suit every type of accommodation, whether it’s for a cruise ship or a holiday home. When you buy in bulk online you can trigger even more fantastic discounts.

Interested in purchasing bedding bundles? Email hello@homefords.co.uk to arrange a call with one of friendly team members.

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