What is the Best Bedding for Rental Properties?

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When deciding on the best bedding for your rental property, it is essential to find a balance between cost and quality. You want to ensure that the chosen bedding wears well and washes well while being reasonably priced to replace.

As a UK wholesale supplier of bedding, Homefords understand the importance of finding the best quality bedding for your rental property at the right price. Here is a handy guide to help you with the decision.

What bedding pieces should I buy?

As a starting point, a mattress protector is always a good investment for any rental property owner. It will help your mattress last longer and protect the mattress from any accidental spills and staining.

Alongside a mattress protector, it is essential to provide sheets, a duvet cover and pillowcases for your property.

When choosing sheets, there is an option of flat or fitted. Whilst a flat sheet may be more versatile, a fitted sheet is simpler to fit and will stay in place with ease.

With your bedding base layer complete, you will need to decide on a duvet cover. Duvet covers can be purchased to fit different bed sizes and can come in different materials and colour designs.

Finally, you will need to provide suitable pillowcases. When buying a bedding bundle, you will likely receive a housewife style pillowcase. These are the most common style of pillowcase designed to fit regular pillows with ease.

What are the material options?

An important choice to make when choosing bedding for a rental property is the material. With so many material options out there, it can seem like a daunting decision. Here are some the best options for bedding with quality and price in mind:


Cotton bedding is long lasting and breathable. It is generally agreed that Egyptian cotton will last longer than regular cotton. However, it is a more expensive choice.


Percale can be made from a mixture of cotton and polyester or can be 100% cotton. It is a durable fabric that can be washed numerous times without a fear of spoiling.


A strong, affordable and easily washable fabric. It is a man-made fibre, meaning it is less breathable than natural options such as cotton.

When choosing between the material options, it is important to find your perfect balance of quality and price.  

Which colour and design?

To make a decision about colour and design, it is important to consider the property in question. Plain designs will suit any style of property, for example, whereas certain patterns may be limited.

When choosing a colour scheme, consider one that will complement the decor of the space. White or neutral tones will fit easily into most styles. Whilst many people believe that white bedding stains easily, it tends to be easier to wash with the right material, and will not be susceptible to fading over time like some coloured bedding choices may be.

Stock up on bedding for your rental property

Whether it’s student accommodation or an Airbnb, high-quality bedding is a must to make your life easier and improve your guests’ or tenants’ experience. At Homefords, we stock a wide range of wholesale bedding to cater for all needs.

From sheets and mattress protectors to pillowcases and duvet covers, you’ll find what you need in a range of styles. Even better, you can enjoy bulk discounts and free delivery to mainland UK addresses.

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