What Kind of Bed Sheets Do Hotels Use?

Hotel Bedding

One of the best things about holidays is slipping beneath the silky soft sheets in a hotel room and just relaxing on a well-deserved break. When your guests or customers step into their bedroom for the first time you want to make the best first impression. One of the most important aspects of this is, of course, the bed.

Does it look comfortable and inviting? Does it look clean and put together?

Whilst a bed and breakfast, small hotel, Airbnb or glamping site may not be able to offer the amenities of a 5* hotel, there are a variety of tips you can take from a hotel to present those rooms in the same light. Read on to discover how to get that crisp, ‘never been slept in’ looking hotel bedding for your guests or customers.

Hotel bedding – the basics

First things first, hotels typically use polycotton or cotton sheets for their bedding. Why? These two materials provide the perfect balance between practicality, comfort and price.

Cotton is a breathable natural fibre which regulates temperature and feels soft to the touch, while polycotton blends this with 30-50 percent polyester for added durability and easier care.

However, there are a couple more important factors on top of the material to consider.

Bedding thread count

Hotels usually opt for percale bedding, which is bed linen with a thread count of 180 or above. In short, that’s the number of threads, horizontally and vertically, in every square inch of material. Generally speaking, the higher the thread count, the higher the quality. However, that high thread count also makes them harder to look after, which is why it’s important to find the right balance.

A thread count of 180, or up to 300 if you’re going for a luxury feel, provides a good balance between durability, easy care and comfort.

Bedding colour

On top of all that, there’s the colour. You’ll probably have noticed that hotels use white sheets. This is so guests can see for themselves how clean the linen is.

When something looks bright, crisp and fresh it also gives the impression of luxury and quality. The quality perception doesn’t just reflect on the linens though. It reflects on the impression of a hotel overall.

Interestingly, the other, more practical reason that the bedding, towels and bathrobes are all white, is that it makes the upkeep easier. Despite being easily stained, the laundry can be washed together without worrying about colours bleeding into each other.

Where to buy hotel quality sheets?

Homefords offers a wide range of hotel quality bedding products at wholesale prices for hospitality businesses or retailers. We stock bedding in a vast array of colours, sizes and thread counts to help give your room the highest hotel quality sheets.

We’ve also put together some of our most frequently asked questions on choosing the best hotel style bedding for your guests for a more comprehensive guide to helping you set up your room.

How do hotels get their sheets so crisp and wrinkle-free?

A common trick many hotels use is that once the bed has been made housekeepers may spray a light mist of water across the top of the duvet before pulling the fabric taut at the edges. This helps to relax the fabric and get out any deep creases, leaving an inviting smooth surface.

How to make your bed and room feel like a luxury hotel

There are many reasons people choose to book an Airbnb, bed and breakfast or camping site over a costly hotel, with one of the main factors being the unique experience rather than an identikit hotel room.

However, making your guests feel like they are enjoying a luxurious hotel stay can be the difference between a mildly positive review and a glowing review to help attract future bookings. Here are some tips for you or your customers.

  1. Declutter – No one wants to sleep amongst the miscellaneous items you’ve accumulated over the years that you don’t have space for. Keep the room free of clutter – that includes in the drawers. Think of your rooms as a hotel room, not your personal residence.
  2. First Guest Philosophy – You wouldn’t expect to go into a hotel room and see traces of the previous occupants, would you? You’d expect it to look and feel like you’re the first guest to have stayed there. This is exactly how you should present your rooms. Make sure the bin is emptied, the space has been thoroughly cleaned between guests and the bedding is freshly laundered and made up.
  3. Bedding Preferences – Everyone has their own way they like to sleep. Some may like to sleep on more than one pillow, some like to be enveloped in a thick quilt whilst others prefer to stay cool with a flat sheet.

We suggest making your bed in the hotel-style of 2 pillows per person as well as using a flat sheet underneath the quilt to offer your guests comfort options for when they sleep. For that extra hotel touch, make sure the flat sheet is pulled up further than the duvet and then folded back slightly onto the duvet top and pulled taut for a luxurious presentation.

Find the perfect wholesale bedding supplier for you

Now you’ve learnt the tips and tricks of the kind of sheets hotels use and how they maintain them, it’s time to find the perfect supplier for you.

At Homefords, we have a wide selection of wholesale bedding and bed linen options to choose from, all with the same great service including free mainland UK delivery and hassle-free returns. Take a look at our full range of bedding today to find the right match for your business.

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