What Type of Bedding is Best for Hot Summers?

Woman in Hot Summer

Getting plenty of sleep is critical to maintain good physical and mental well-being. To improve your customers’ satisfaction, you’ll want to do everything you can to provide a good night’s rest for your guests.

In the hot, summer months, this can be easier said than done. The rising temperatures often seem like you’ll need expensive air conditioning systems. Fortunately, rather than breaking the bank, you can take initial steps to improve the experience of hot nights by finding the best bedding for higher temperatures.

Ready to find the perfect option for your guests? Read on as we explore the materials and sheets that can make all the difference during the summer months. But first…

What does ‘tog rating’ mean?

The tog rating refers to how insulated the material is and acts as a measure of warmth. For bedding, such as your sheets and duvet, it’s simpler to think about how thick the fabric is. The thicker the material, the higher the tog count and the more heat it will retain.

So, what’s the best tog count for summertime?  As a rule, you want a rating that’s between 2.5 and 7. Anything that hits 10 and over will be too warm as this count is more suited to autumn and winter.

If your bedding isn’t breathable in the summer, you’ll likely feel uncomfortable and this will affect your quality of sleep. You should therefore opt for a lower tog rating in the warmer months.

1. Bedsheet fabric

The material that your bedding is made out of will make a big impact on the quality of sleep your guests will have in hotter weather. Natural fabrics, such as cotton, are often the best route to go down here as they are lightweight and more breathable.

For instance, 100% cotton bed sheets have a breathable, light structure, enabling air to circulate, which reduces body temperature. They’re also ideal for colder nights as high thread counts can make for a much cosier feel, making natural cotton sheets are the perfect, year-round investment.

Synthetic materials, such as polyester, are less breathable. Without being able to circulate through the fabric, the hot air will become trapped, leading to a sleepless and sweaty night for your customers.

2. Duvets and sheets

Alongside the material you choose, it’s also essential to consider what duvet, or sheets, you’ll provide for your guests.

For the winter months, you’ll likely have picked a higher tog rating for your duvets. The higher the tog rating, the better the duvet will be at trapping heat. For the summer, you’ll want to go for a much lower rating. If your rooms are likely to get quite warm, aim for a tog rating of 1-5.

Again, the material you choose for your duvet will make a difference. Natural duvet sets are both breathable and durable, meaning they’ll last for much longer and offer customers a cooler sleep.

On the other hand, synthetic duvets can offer benefits for allergy suffers and can withstand frequent washing, so it’s worth considering what would be best for your guests depending on your establishment’s location.

As an alternative to duvets, flat sheets can work incredibly well. Cotton flat sheets are both breathable and durable, making them an ideal choice for keeping cool during the summer without your guests having to sacrifice the comfort of a duvet.

Cool and cost-effective bedding

You don’t have to break the bank to provide a good night’s sleep through the summer. That’s especially true with Homefords’ selection of high-quality wholesale bedding at low prices. Whether you want to invest in flat sheets as a duvet alternative or swap your existing bedding for 100% cotton, our range of bedding has you covered – with wholesale prices to boot.

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