What’s the Difference Between Lagom & Hygge?

Open Fire in Living Room

Scandinavian culture is becoming more and more influential for us westerners. Their fashion, furniture and now even lifestyle is seeping its way into Britain. Hygge and Lagom are two perfect examples. They were seen as the design trends for 2016 and 2017 respectively. But what exactly are they – and is there any difference between the two?

Hyggeligt 2016

Hygge is the Danish concept of intimacy, cosiness and familiarity. It’s snuggling up by the fire, a home cooked meal with friends, or even just a good cup of tea on a cold day. It’s about recognising that the ordinary can – in its own way – be extraordinary. In design, this translates to small, scattered lighting, thick knitted blankets and calm, understated room plans. The most simple yet intimate settings are those you would describe as hyggeligt.

Lagom är bäst in 2017

Lagom is based on the Swedish proverb “Lagom är bäst”. It roughly translates as “enough is as good as a feast”. In many ways, it’s similar to hygge. It doesn’t focus on extravagance or the big and bright, but rather on modesty and simplicity. The main difference with lagom, however is that it doesn’t celebrate the ordinary in the same way as hygge. There is no extra effort to create intimacy or cosiness. Rather, lagom simply sets limits and self-restraint. If anything, it’s more of a lifestyle than a design trend. Healthy living and a good work-life balance are amongst lagom’s specialities. But nonetheless, it had a notable impact on the design world in 2017. With sustainability at the core of lagom, people are now considering the environmental impact of their furniture and clothes. But on top of that, there is a hunger for simplicity. Less clutter around the home is becoming the norm, with more subtle designs on walls, floors and curtains.

Whatever the trend

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