Which Bedding Tog is Best for Each Season?

Sleep is paramount to our health, wellbeing and happiness. Providing the necessary comfort to deliver a solid eight hours of undisturbed slumber is no simple feat. There are many variables to consider, one of these being the tog rating of your duvet.

What is a tog rating?

‘Tog’ refers to the ‘Thermal Overall Grade’ of a duvet. Essentially, it’s a measure of its ability to hold heat. Various tog ratings are available to suit each season. A lower tog is better for summer months when you’re trying to stay cool. A higher tog rating means better thermal capacity for the winter months.

It sounds relatively simple, but there are more togs than seasons and everyone has their own individual preference. Read on to discover how to choose your ideal bedding tog rating for each season, to ensure year-round comfort.

Tog ratings by season


In warmer climates, a duvet may seem excessive for the summer months. In Britain this doesn’t pose too much of an issue, so a bed will always be expected to have one of some kind. Selecting the correct tog, alongside the optimum filler for cool comfort, will support a comfortable night’s sleep and prevent overheating during the night.

Summer tog recommendation: Choose between a 2-4.5 tog duvet with a natural filling like down, silk or cotton, that’s both lightweight and breathable.  


The higher the tog, the warmer the duvet will be. When choosing your winter bedding’s tog rating, you’ll need to consider how well insulated the room is and whether you plan to keep your central heating on at bedtime. Most people will find a good quality duvet sufficient enough to keep them warm and cosy on chilly evenings.

Winter tog recommendation: 10-13.5 togs are ideal for the colder months. Combine a heavier duvet with a filling that responds well to body temperature such as duck or goose down, for optimum comfort and thermal benefits.  

Spring/ Autumn

The weather in Britain can vary greatly during these two seasons, but they generally incur similar temperatures and conditions. Wind, rain and shorter daylight hours can bring cooler spells, while an increase in humidity can make a thick winter duvet feel too warm at times. The best option is to choose an in-between tog that’s suitable for all possibilities.

Spring / Autumn tog recommendation: Aim for a 7.5-9 tog rating to keep the warm air between the body and the covers at the perfect temperature.

All-season option

To save on the three duvet changes per year, you could opt for an all-season duvet instead. These are varied tog rated duvets which can be separated or combined depending on the requirements at the time.

For example, you can purchase a 4 tog summer duvet and an 8 tog spring/autumn duvet, and connect the two during winter to create a 12 tog. These 2-in-1 duvets offer great flexibility and more value for money than buying two or even three separate duvets.

Find the perfect bedding for your duvet

Once you’ve narrowed down your ideal tog rating and found your perfect duvet, you’ll need to source some bed linen. At Homefords, we supply a range of high quality, wholesale bedding for ultimate sleep comfort all year round.

From long-lasting percale to luxurious Egyptian cotton in a variety of colours and sizes, we have an affordable bedding set to suit your needs.

Fun fact: togs were designed for the naked body, so wearing pyjamas will affect the rating. The less you wear the more accurate your tog!

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