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Are you looking for high quality wholesale blankets that won’t break the bank? Welcome to Homefords – your first choice for discount wholesale blankets. Whether you need comforters to keep your guests cosy or heavy-weight throws which your customers will love, you’ll find blankets to suit every style here.

We promise fantastic quality at fantastic prices. With a comprehensive returns policy, free standard UK delivery, and a dedicated customer service team, you can shop our range with confidence – no matter what business you’re buying for.

At Homefords, we offer a variety of colours, fabrics and styles. When it comes to wholesale blankets, we’ve got it (and your customers) covered!

How Does Homefords Work?

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At Homefords, we’ve been selling blankets for over 100 years. We know our warp from our weft, our fleece from our faux fur, and our coverlets from our comforters. Whatever you’re looking for, you can trust us to help you find it – and join tens of thousands of happy customers.

Use our handy search filters to browse our range of wholesale blankets. As one of the largest importers and suppliers of soft furnishings in the UK, we stock a variety of products to suit every budget and style.

Is Homefords right for me?

Homefords supplies wholesale blankets to a wide range of British businesses. Our products enhance properties all over the UK, from hotels, guestrooms, and B&Bs to care homes and hospitals. We’re also a top choice for resellers and retailers who want stylish blankets to delight their customers.

Whatever your business, we’re sure to have the blankets for you. We promise high quality at low prices – so explore our wholesale discount blankets today to find your perfect bedroom accessory.

With a low minimum order value of just £100, we’re committed to making top quality products affordable. Buying in bulk? Take advantage of our buy-in-bulk discount, which takes an extra 5% off orders over £500. Don’t forget to mix and match your blankets with our range of bedding, throws, and towels!

High quality blankets

Blankets come in all different shapes and sizes and are extremely versatile. In winter they are perfect for snuggling up in front of the telly with a hot chocolate and a Christmas movie. Come the summer, use your blanket as a snazzy rug on your picture-perfect picnic.

Blankets and throws can also be used for interior design purposes. Add a splash of colour to your plain bedding with an end-of-bed throw or drape a blanket over your sofa or chair to change up your décor for a fraction of the cost of buying new furniture. 

We understand that the best blankets for wholesale are both plush and practical. That’s why we’ve made sure that our blankets are high-quality, yet easy-care:

Blankets by material

The material of your blanket can help determine the feel of a room. Are you looking for something super-soft and plush? Or maybe you want blankets that are smooth and understated?

Whatever you’re after, browse our range of blankets by material to narrow down your search. From luxury faux fur to classic chenille, your customers won’t be able to keep their hands off!

Blankets by weight

Heavyweight winter blankets for a relaxing night’s sleep. Feather-light throws to take off that summer chill. At Homefords, our range of discount blankets includes a variety of different weights. Which will you choose?

Our heaviest blanket is 6.8kg, which is a weighted blanket. Heavier blankets can ease anxiety, soothe muscle spasms, and boost the quality of sleep. At 1.16kg, our snuggly faux fur blankets offer the ultimate blend of breathability and cosiness. These blankets can be found in our Nordic collection – the perfect way to bring Scandinavian style to your hotel or accommodation block.

Want warmth without the weight? Go for the soft-touch waffle fleece throws in our Plush Collection. Weighing just 0.75kg, these will keep your clientele comfortable all year round.

Weighted gravity blankets

If you are notoriously restless in bed or suffer from insomnia, one of our on-trend weighted blankets could help improve your sleep quality by keeping your body still and calm during the night. 

Designed to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation, our 6.8kg weighted blankets apply gentle pressure to mimic a human hug. Much like the real thing, this comforting pressure helps to reduce your stress levels and boost your mood.

As a result, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed having slept more deeply and for longer.   

Blankets by colour & Size

If you need blankets to suit a certain colour scheme, then look no further. Our UK wholesale discount blankets are available in a wide array of colours. Whatever your décor, choose from elegant neutrals (silver, cream, beige, charcoal, and taupe) or bold jewel tones (blue, red, and rustic orange). All of our collections come in various shades, so you won’t ever have to choose between comfort and appearance when shopping with us. Our wholesale blankets are available in a range of sizes. Choose between 55×80 inches, 60×80 inches and 80×90 inches.

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