Window blinds of all shapes and sizes

Our wholesale blinds are available in a range of different types, including roller blinds (scalloped and square), faux wood and PVC Venetian. We also have a selection of blackout binds too. Whether you’re shopping for the hospitality and leisure sector, property development or refurbishments, our window blinds are a high quality, cost-efficient solution. Choose one of these categories to browse our wholesale blind range.

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Blinds by Colour

If you’re searching for a blind in a particular colour, we can help with that too. Below, you’ll find a wide range of blind colours to browse. Whether you want a red roller blind or Venetian blind in white – we can provide it.

Blinds by Width

We stock wholesale blinds in a variety of sizes, so you’re sure to find the correct fit for your needs. Here are a few of the most popular blind widths. All of our blinds can be trimmed to size, so you can alter the vertical and horizontal dimensions as required. All our blinds are packaged separately, and include instructions for adjustments.

Browse by Feature

We stock wholesale blinds in a variety of sizes, so you’re sure to find the correct fit for your needs. Here are a few of the most popular blind widths. Many of our blinds can be trimmed to size and adjusted manually, so you adjust the vertical and horizontal dimensions as required. All our blinds are packaged separately, and include instructions for adjustments.

Blinds Buying Guide

Whether it’s for student accommodation or new apartments, choosing the right blinds is an important decision. With so many options, it can be a difficult decision – this is especially true for wholesale orders.

From the style and size to the colour and pattern, selecting the best option for your needs can be a complicated process.

With this in mind, the team here at Homefords have compiled our years of industry experience and know-how into a handy buyer’s guide. From the different types of blinds to measurements, installation and adjustments – we’ve covered everything you need to reach the right decision.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact our team on 0161-533-0650 or

Wholesale Blind Guide

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Wholesale Blind Suppliers

We offer blinds to suit any purpose. Our wholesale blinds cover two main types – roller blinds and Venetian blinds.. Read on to find out more about each type:

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are the ideal way to block out light, with one rolling blind covering the window entirely when required. With very few components, they’re one of the most convenient ways to dress your window. This also makes them quick and easy to wipe down if they need to be cleaned. Our roller blinds cater for all needs. Choose from straight, scalloped edges or square eyelets in plain, patterned and even textured designs.

Going Venetian

Homefords’ selection of Venetian blinds give you the ultimate control of how much light enters your home or building. Horizontal blades can be angled to allow in less or more light, with the option to pull the blinds up completely for full brightness. On top of this, Venetian blinds are a stylish accessory in any room. They’re versatile – looking great in both traditional and modern schemes.

Blackout Blinds

For each type of blinds, we have a range of sizes, colours and designs. If you want ultimate control over the light entering the room, our collection of blackout blinds are backed with a special blackout coating. They put you in complete control – ideal for bedrooms or workplaces requiring complete darkness. For more information on blind types, sizes and measuring for blinds – take a look at our blinds buying guide.

Wholesale Blinds FAQs

We provide a range of sizes to suit your needs, but we understand that some windows need blinds that are truly made to measure. That’s why we have a Trim to Fit feature that you can use to ensure your wholesale blinds are the ideal fit.

Width-wise, our window blinds start at 45cm wide and going all the way up to 180cm wide. We cover a variety of widths in-between, so all you have to do is check out the products under the correlating size.

For vertical window blinds, we request that you decide whether they will be installed inside or outside of the window’s recess. If they’re inside, you’ll need to measure the length and width of the recess. If they’re outside, you should do the same and leave 10cm on either side.

A 10cm stops light creeping in either side of your blinds. Without the gap, it’s common for blinds to be less effective when they’re hanged from an outside window recess. Other features that also impact the usefulness of blinds are:

  • Door knobs
  • Radiators
  • Deadbolts
  • Air vents

In short, it’s vital that you tell us about anything that protrudes from the recess or exterior wall as it could block the blinds and stop them from opening and closing.

Only slightly. We ask you to follow the same instructions as above, but we recommend taking at least three measurements from different points along the recess as they are notorious for being uneven. Although it doesn’t overly affect the majority of blinds, venetian and roller blinds can appear uneven and unnatural without the right care.

Yes. We have four main styles – roller, blackout, venetian, and vertical blinds – and they all come with the necessary screws and brackets for installation. However, the types of fittings might differ depending on the product.

For example, while our venetian blind sets come equipped with the screws and brackets necessary for a quick and easy installation, they might not include centre support frames. The latter is down to the length, so please don’t hesitate to speak to a friendly member of our customer support team if you require more information.

There are several ways you can maintain your blinds. All of our products are easy to clean with a feather or synthetic duster, meaning you can prevent them from appearing dirty. For blinds with fabric materials, you can use your vacuum cleaner and the relevant attachment to suck up any excess grime.

Additionally, you can wipe down our venetian blinds with a wet cloth if you need to eliminate stubborn marks.

While our blackout curtains have a specialist lining, our blackout blinds and coated to stop light passing through. Aside from blocking out most of the light, the coating also absorbs the heat and lets you easily maintain the temperature of the room.

Although this is a common assumption, it’s not the case. As well as having blackout properties, our wholesale blinds are designed with an intuitive thermal coating. This means that, while our window blinds retain heat in the colder months, they reflect it in the warmer seasons. As a result, your guests should never be uncomfortable.

We treat our customers with the same dedicated service, so we never turn people or groups away based on their trade or sector. Of course, we have worked with numerous partners from different industries before, including:

  • Retailers
  • Hospitality
  • Leisure companies
  • Property development and refurbishments

Regardless of who you are or what you do, we strive to put you first by delivering a superior level of professionalism, as well as the best deals on the market.

Of course! Property owners and developers of all kinds use our services and trust us to provide a fantastic range of blinds at competitive wholesale prices. With plenty of student rooms to furnish, you can take advantage of our bulk buying deal and get 5% off any order over £500.

We take the health and safety of our customers seriously, including anyone who might come into contact with our products. For this reason, we equip our blinds with a child-safety feature to ensure that accidents don’t happen. Children playing with blind chains never sounds as if it could result in fatalities, yet looped chains are strangulation hazards, which is why we go the extra mile. Our lock removes the risk and gives you peace of mind.

Orders submitted by 10am are dispatched the same day and usually take around two working days to arrive. The delivery times differ if the delivery address isn’t in mainland UK. Other than that, there are no prolonged periods where you have to wait for your blinds. Homefords’ blinds are ready-made, so we can cut out the typical waiting times that you experience with other wholesalers.

In the rare situation where your order isn’t correct, or it doesn’t arrive as you imagined, you can consult our thorough returns policy. We log any complaints so that we can understand what went wrong and how we can improve our service in the future. Also, we find that this makes the return process simpler as we are fully aware of the reasons for the return.

We don’t recommend submerging your blinds in water at any point as the moisture could impact the design and functionality of the product. Semi-wet rooms, such as kitchens and bathrooms, are compatible with our coated fabrics. However, wooden venetian blinds aren’t suitable for use in any room that contains lots of moisture.