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Wholesale Blinds – Buy In Bulk from UK Suppliers

Our discount wholesale blinds cover all the bases. At Homefords, we understand your needs aren’t identical to everyone else’s. That’s why we offer blinds in a range of styles, designs, colours and sizes – whether you want some practical vertical blinds for offices or cool and vibrant Venetian blinds for a funky flat, we’ve got you covered.

As a wholesale blind retailer, we’ve able to offer incredibly cheap prices. This is why we’re the ideal wholesale partner for trade, industrial, businesses and retailers. Take a look around, and get in touch if we can help with anything.

Window blinds of all shapes and sizes

Our wholesale blinds cover the three main types – roller blinds, Venetian blinds and vertical blinds. We also have a selection of blackout binds too. Whether you’re shopping for a hotel, office or resale, our window blinds are a high quality, cost-efficient solution. Choose one of these categories to browse our wholesale blind range.

How Does Homefords Work?


Welcome to our online wholesale shop. Start by taking a look around. As well as blinds, we also stock curtains, bedding, cushions and more! Thousands of products in total.


You’ll struggle to find blinds online at prices that compete with Homefords. Best of all, we have a super low minimum order – only £100! – and discounts for £500+ orders.


Our priority is you. We strive to provide the best deals on the best products, and deliver orders with care & professionalism. If you need help at any point, get in touch.

Blinds By Colour

If you’re searching for a blind in a particular colour, we can help with that too. Below, you’ll find a wide range of blind colours to browse. Whether you want a patterned red roller blind or plain duck egg vertical blinds – we can provide it.

Blinds By Width

We stock wholesale blinds in a variety of sizes, so you’re sure to find the correct fit for your needs. Here are a few of the most popular blind widths. Many of our blinds can be trimmed to size and adjusted manually, so you adjust the vertical and horizontal dimensions as required. All our blinds are packaged separately, and include instructions for adjustments.

Latest Offers

For a super low-cost deal, check out our latest offers. As well as affordably-priced blinds, you’ll find great discounts on a range of wholesale products.

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Blind Buying Guide

If you need a helping hand, why not start with our blind buying guide. From blind measurements and adjustments to after-care and safety, it covers all the bases.


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Wholesale Blind Suppliers

We offer blinds to suit any purpose. Our wholesale blinds cover all three main types – roller blinds, venetian blinds and vertical blinds. Read on to find out more about each type:

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are the ideal way to block out light, with one rolling blind covering the window entirely when required. With very few components, they’re one of the most convenient ways to dress your window. This also makes them quick and easy to wipe down if they need to be cleaned. Our roller blinds cater for all needs. Choose from straight or scalloped edges, plain or patterned fabric and even textured designs.

Going Venetian

Homefords’ selection of venetian blinds give you the ultimate control of how much light enters your home or building. Horizontal blades can be angled to allow in less or more light, with the option to pull the blinds up completely for full brightness. On top of this, venetian blinds are a stylish accessory in any room. They’re versatile – looking great in both traditional and modern schemes.

Vertical blinds – and how they work

Another option is vertical blinds. We have a vast array of vertical blinds for you to choose from. Like venetians, they allow you to gradually adjust the amount of light coming in. But – unlike venetians – they are made up of several vertical panels. These panels need to be attached to a blind track, with a control rod to adjust the blinds.

Buying from Homefords, you have the option of buying slats only or buying vertical blinds as a track and slats set. When you’re buying as a set, select the width you require from the dropdown menu. If you’re buying slats only, they come in boxes of 4. You’ll need a single box for every 30cm of headrail. For more information on blind types, sizes and measuring for blinds – take a look at our blind buying guide.

Take your pick

For each type of blinds, we have a range of sizes, colours and designs. Whether you want a patterned red roller blind or plain duck egg vertical blinds – we can provide it. If you want ultimate control over the light entering the room, our collection of blackout blinds are backed with a special blackout coating. They put you in complete control – ideal for bedrooms or workplaces requiring complete darkness.

Bulk blinds at great prices

When you buy from Homefords, you benefit from great prices on high quality blinds. But we go one step further. Our bulk buy discounts let you save money when you’re buying more. Spend over £500 for a 5% discount. We also offer free standard delivery to mainland UK on all orders – with our minimum spend of £100.

Looking for something specific? That’s not a problem. With our easy-to-use filters and sorting options, you can narrow your search and organise the results to find exactly what you need in no time. Start browsing our blinds selection and save.