How does Homefords work?


Homefords is a home interior wholesalers in the UK, specialising in soft furnishings. Our online store boasts thousands of products, with a wide selection of bulk tablecloths along with other dining items, such as table runners and napkins

low prices

You might be wondering why our prices are so low. Quite simply, it’s because we work directly with manufacturers. This cuts out any middle men and reduces cost for you. So, you can buy more for less without compromising on quality.

Free Delivery

Our warehouse ships over 7000 products each day. We have a professional team of experienced warehouse staff ready to pick and pack your order, with free standard delivery to mainland UK, reducing the cost even more on your end.

Tablecloths by Colour

Not all dining has to be black and white. At Homefords, we stock a wide range of restaurant quality tablecloths in different colours. White, teal, cream, red, black and purple – you choose the table linen you need either to match an existing colour scheme, or just to look great on its own. And you can always mix and match colours too. Choose your colour below to start shopping.

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UK Tablecloth Wholesalers

Purchase your wholesale tablecloths in bulk from Homefords and you get all sorts of benefits. Firstly, quality and choice. Our square tablecloths are long lasting and high quality and come with care instruction so they won’t be accidentally damaged. They come in different colours, styles, shapes and sizes, giving you more choice when it comes to elevating a dining experience. Almost all of our tablecloths are also machine washable, with minimal shrinkage and stain resistance.

What’s more, our site is fully equipped with convenient categories, filters and sorting tools to help you in your search. If you’ve got something particular in mind – for example table cloths for rectangular tables -it’s pretty simple to find it. If you do have any problems, you can use our live webchat for assistance. No more endless scrolling and searching. Just select your filters and find what you need to wow guests.

Of course, when you’re buying excellent quality tablecloths in bulk, you want a great price. Homefords delivers on that too. Our products are all low-cost while maintaining the same great quality. And we also offer a 5% discount for orders over £500.

Is Homefords Right For Me?

Of course it is! A low price point and no delivery charge is right for everybody. Our minimum order value is just £100, making us the perfect solution for small businesses and retailers alike. From restaurants and hotels to B&Bs, care homes and holiday parks – whatever your sector we are a one stop solution for wholesale furnishings.

Customers can also use Homefords as their supplier for resale. Whether you’re an online merchant or traditional ‘brick and mortar’ shop, Homefords products are the ideal way to give your customers quality for less. Add our wholesale tablecloths to your eBay store, your department store, or stock up your home furnishing shop.

Wholesale Tablecloths FAQs

Our tablecloths and napkins do share some similarities. For instance, most of them come in the same range of colours, are made from polyester and linen, and are available in several finishes, from Jacquard to luxury. That allows you to match the colour and style for the perfect appearance.

Naturally, the main difference is size. While our wholesale napkins are only available in sizes ranging from 43cm x 43cm to 91cm x 91cm, our wholesale tablecloths are readymade in numerous shapes and sizes. Square and rectangular products in our tablecloth collection go up to 178 x 320cm, while round cloths are a maximum of 228cm.

Of course not! We only provide affordable products due to our business model, which cuts out the middleman and deals directly with the manufacturer. Our bulk order offer makes things even cheaper, providing customers with 5% off orders over £500.

However, we take standards incredibly seriously, and we understand that most businesses use our items to impress and wow guests. For that reason, we have a range of wholesale tablecloths that will help you to create an unrivalled customer experience. Whether you choose the Hotelier, Isabel, or Harvard collection, you’ll receive the same quality across the board.

If you’re a business that prefers the traditional form of dining, then you don’t need to look any further than our tablecloths in black, brown, white, or cream. Of course, not every dining experience is the same, which is one reason why we offer cloths in a multitude of hues. With pinks, purples, and reds, you can create a bright and bubbly ambience that’s best suited to your guests.

But, there’s no reason for businesses that don’t serve customers to feel left out. Another incredible property of our wholesale tablecloths is that you can resell them at a low price. With so many different shades at your disposal, the potential profits are mouthwatering (pun absolutely intended).

We do everything in our power to ensure that you receive the most suitable tablecloths, from specifying the dimensions, sizes, and having a comprehensive returns policy. But, it’s up to you to measure your table(s) correctly and forward the information to us. We recommend writing the measurements down so that you don’t get them mixed up, then adding 15cm to 25cm on either side.

With the extra 15cm to 25cm, you can ensure that you’re tablecloths fit perfectly. As a rule, it’s better for the material to overhang because you can tuck it under or cut it down to size if it’s too big.

There aren’t any regulations concerning the length of a tablecloth’s overhang. As a rule, establishments don’t like an overhang that’s shorter or longer than six inches. This is because less than half a foot makes the table appear too small, whereas greater than six inches can be a safety issue.

Our round tablecloths are measured in the table’s diameter. That means you need to gauge the length from one side to the other across the top and centre. You can also measure the height, from the ground to the top of the table, to get a feeling for any overhang. Do the same for any rounded table, whether it’s circular or oval-shaped.

We don’t have a range of oilcloth tablecloths because our items are machine washable. That means you only have to put them into the laundry basket with a spoonful of detergent and they’ll look as good as new. All of our bulk tablecloths are equipped with care instructions, so as long as you read the label, they should last for a long time.

Our wholesale tablecloths are excellent at protecting tables from stains and marks as the fabric soaks up pretty much anything that hits the material. However, no tablecloth are substantial enough to stop chips, cracks, knocks, and anything else that causes cosmetic damage. That’s where our selection of wholesale table runners can lend a hand.

They’re designed to add an extra layer to your table, making it more robust and less likely to be damaged irreparably. Aside from extending your table’s lifecycle and saving you money, table runners add to the style of your dining room.

Table runners do increase the style of your table and make it less vulnerable to accidental damage, yet they aren’t as big as tablecloths. As a result, they only cover a small surface area, compared to a tablecloth that fits from end-to-end. The ideal solution is a combination of the two. With as low as ours, you can pair tablecloths and table runners rather than having to choose between the two.

There are no set rules regarding placemats and tablecloths. Some establishments prefer to utilise placemats on top of tablecloths and runners because it’s another layer of protection. Others like to stick with a tablecloth as it’s simple to set up and maintain since there’s no additional cleaning required. However, if you want to go the extra mile, we won’t judge you! If you really want to wow your diners, you can mix tablecloths and placemats with runners!

We get it – the last thing you want to do after a hard shift is to unsheathe the iron and start on the chores. Thankfully, there’s no need to with Homefords’ wholesale tablecloths. This is because the 100% polyester composition of our products makes them wrinkle-free.

Just pull them out of the washing machine, hang them or lay them flat, and there shouldn’t be any creases.