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Welcome to Homefords – UK wholesaler, specialising in soft furnishings. Browse our online store with thousands of different products, including our range of beautiful fabric throws.


We work directly with manufacturers, with no middle man. This keeps our prices down. That’s why we offer a low minimum order value of only £100, along with fantastic bulk discounts.


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From online ecommerce brands to more traditional ‘brick and mortar’ shops, Homefords is the perfect partner for resellers. We provide a wide range of affordable options, with bulk discounts. You can offer your customers high quality products for less.

Our throws aren’t just great for re-sellers though. Beautiful in hotels, hostels and care homes, throws are the perfect addition for any area of the hospitality and care sector. Throws can go outside and in – and refresh any furniture to brighten things up and add warmth to interior design. Catering for a range of clients, our discount deals are great for everyone!

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Wholesale Throw FAQs

Blankets and throws may look similar, but they serve different purposes. Throws are decorative, typically adorning soft furniture like a couch or armchair. Our blankets, focus on practical warmth.

For example, Nordic Collection blankets are made from thick, 100% polyester material, mimicking mink fur for supreme comfort and cosiness. In contrast, our Stockholm Blush Pink throw is crafted from 100% recycled cotton, ideal for enhancing a room’s ambiance.

Alternatively, try our super-soft fleece blanket for a luxury mink-like velvet feel. Our fleece blankets are warm enough for cold winter nights. But, thanks to the breathable fabric, people won’t overheat.

Our throws also feature stylish finishes, such as subtle tonal colouring or striking herringbone patterns, to complement your décor. Meanwhile, our blankets, usually in single block colours like chocolate, navy, and red, lack intricate finishes as they are primarily functional. Despite this, their thick material and monotone hues create a homely feel, suitable for various settings.

Definitely! Our throws are versatile and perfect for various uses all year round.

Whether it’s a cool summer evening or a chilly winter night, guests can cosy up and snuggle with a throw and warm-up. We recommend using a throw during the warmer months because cotton is breathable and suitable for evenings when there is a nip in the air. Blankets are better for cold nights when the temperature plummets.

Absolutely. With customers talking and enjoying themselves outside, you want to be a great host. Our wholesale throws are the perfect option if you want to keep guests warm, especially during the winter months. They’re made from cotton and polyester, as both materials are straightforward to maintain and ideal for outside use. You can throw them in the wash and they’ll come out as good as new.

As a wholesale supplier, we primarily work on a business to business basis. Our wholesale blankets and throws are fantastic options for brands that operate in the hospitality sector. Whether you’re a hotel chain or a boutique B&B, our ranges will seamlessly fit into your establishment’s interior.

But you don’t have to be part of the hospitality sector to take advantage of our affordable prices. We’re the ideal partner for resellers (on & offline), property developers, public sector organisations and more. Anyone can take advantage of our low costs, as well as our 5% discount on all orders over £500.

Incorporating throws that harmonise with your room’s existing design is essential. This can be achieved by selecting designs that closely match in terms of shape, size, fabric and finish. On the other hand, a throw can also be used as a striking contrast element, elevating your décor and distinguishing it from the rest of the space.

There are numerous strategies for this, ranging from blending and coordinating colour schemes to maintaining a consistent shade palette while experimenting with various textures and patterns.

Yes, they can be draped over an armchair, sofa or bed. Make sure you pick styles and colours that work with your room and bedding.

Weighted gravity blankets are a great option too. Similar to a throw, these products are designed to improve your sleep. They evenly distribute the weight to create a more peaceful, cosy environment. Thanks to the extra weight, they give the sensation of being hugged, which can reduce anxiety – this is why they’re often used for medical purposes.

Throws are typically no smaller than 50×60″. However, don’t worry if your furniture is shorter than this, as they look great draped over the sides or folded. At Homefords, we also have larger sizes, such as 55×80” and 80×90”, so there are extra options.

If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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