High Quality Towels

With towels used day-in, day-out, you need quality you can depend on. That’s exactly what you get at Homefords, with a variety of valuable features that set our wholesale towels apart from the rest.

Towel Range

Wholesale towels don’t have to be one-size-fits-all. Far from it in fact. We offer a full selection of different towel types and sizes, so you can buy the exact towels that your business or customers require. From face cloths to bath towel sets, our wholesale range ticks all the boxes. All towels types are in line with the sizes you’re familiar with, so there’s no need to worry about bath towels being too small or hand towels too big. Find your category to see what we have to offer.

How does Homefords work?


You can find everything you need to know about our wonderful towels and other wholesale products right here on our website. Browse through a whole array of high-quality products at the click of a mouse and order from your laptop, phone, tablet or desktop computer.


You don’t have to break the bank to get the best products. We skip the middle man and sell directly to you, giving you the wholesale towels, bedding, curtains or blinds you want without the margins that bump up the cost. That’s paired with a minimum order of just £100.


Get the best service across the board. That includes full support in choosing and ordering products, free delivery across mainland UK and same day dispatch for orders made by 10am – plus a fuss-free returns policy to boot. In short, we make buying wholesale easy.

Towels by Colour

Need to match your design scheme? Or maybe you just want to offer your own customers the widest variety available? Perhaps you’re looking specifically for wholesale white cotton towels for that hotel look?

Whatever the case, we have wholesale towels in a colour that absolutely fits the bill – from dark shades of black, blue, brown, green and grey to vibrant oranges and pinks. Of course, that includes clean white and traditional cream too, so you can always find the colour of towels you’re looking for.

Rest assured, you can order whichever towels you want in whatever combination. Order a job lot of white cotton towels or mix and match with different colours. Narrow down your search with the colour of towels below…

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Wholesale Towel Suppliers

Homefords is dedicated to providing everything you could ever want and need from a wholesale towel supplier. That starts with our quick, easy-to-use site, where you can find all the information about our wide range of products – from towel size and material to product care and of course pricing. That’s paired with clear navigation and smart features to make your search easier. Filter by colour or towel size and sort by price, popularity or date to get the towels that are right for you.

Customers love the variety on offer with our wholesale towels. Choose between a rainbow of colours from red, yellow and blue to black, grey and the ever-popular white towels. As for sizes, our collection spans from small 30 x 30cm face cloths up to bath sheets measuring 145 x 90cm, plus bath towels, guest towels and hand towels to complete your set.

Don’t forget the quality. With Homefords, you can choose between two high-quality options – 500GSM and 640GSM. Our 500GSM towels have a single twist to the pile, making them durable, super soft and absorbent. But if you want to take that quality to the next level, our Ultima collection towels are 640GSM with a luxurious double density pile.

Who Can Buy From Homefords

With a low minimum order of just £100, Homefords opens up the wholesale market to all kinds of businesses. Small home furnishing retailers can take advantage of our low prices by reselling online and instore. Equally, department stores can give their customers a full selection of towels to choose from.

On the other side of things, our towels are a practical, cost-effective choice for a variety of businesses in hospitality and care. Hotels, guest houses, B&Bs, hostels and Airbnb owners can give their customers high quality without the high price tag. Care homes and hospitals can also benefit from our durable, highly absorbent institutional towels.

With a buy-in-bulk discount of 5% on orders over £500, you even have the option to make our low prices even lower. Don’t forget, you can mix and match with a plethora of other home furnishing products, including bedding, curtains, blankets and cushions.

What are you waiting for? Find the wholesale towels for your UK business today.

Wholesale Towels FAQs

Our towels are made from 100% cotton across the board. We do this because we believe that cotton is the perfect absorbent fabric. It has a comfy, soft texture that’s incredibly cosy. Of course, for our wholesale towels to be affordable, we need a material that won’t break the bank for our customers too. Cotton fits the bill on all counts, and we’re confident it’s the right decision as we haven’t had any complaints yet!

GSM means grams per square metre. It refers to the density of the towel. For example, our Premier range of wholesale towels has a GSM of 500, whereas our Ultima towels are higher at 640 GSM. You’ll find that the grams per square metre are higher in our selection of bath and guest towels as the bigger the GSM, the comfier and more luxurious the finish.

Throughout our range of wholesale towels, from face cloths to bath sheets, you won’t find a GSM lower than 500g. This is because 500g is our base rate for quality. Other providers go as low as 300g, but we don’t think that is good enough, committing to superior quality across our range of towels.

If you’re in the hospitality sector and have paying guests who use your facilities, you need to cover all the bases, especially if you want the customer experience to be memorable. Bath sheets provide an additional layer of coverage that keeps guests warmer and cosier once they leave the shower or bath.

For people that prefer to get dressed and ready for the evening in a towel, a bath sheet is an ultimate addition since the extra inches keep the cold at bay.

Don’t worry – we sell to a range of businesses and companies, stretching far beyond the hospitality sector. If you’re looking to add to your collection of towels and accessories for resale, you can buy from us wholesale.

Our low prices mean that you’ll save money, with a low minimum order of £100 making it completely accessible. Whether you’re a traditional store or an eCommerce shop, we’ve fulfilled orders to a variety of resellers.

Due to the high GSM of our towels, and the fact they’re made from 100% cotton, they are washable and easy to maintain. This also means that they keep their luxurious feel after several washes. All they need is a fabric softener and enough time to dry. The same goes for the colours. We use only the highest-quality dyes so that the colours don’t run or fade after time.

As always, we recommend reading the care instructions before washing for the best results.

Essentially, a single twist pile is less dense and provides less coverage than a double twist pile. You’ll find singles in our 500GSM range, whereas our 640GSM collection is exclusively double twist piles. This means they’re better at absorbing water as the coverage makes them “thirstier.” However, our 500g wholesale towels are still exceptionally absorbent and soft thanks to the base GSM level. Both are robust and will last for a very long time provided they are cared for correctly.

Unfortunately, we don’t provide samples of our wholesale towels at present. However, we’ve made every effort to provide all the information you need and an accurate depiction of all our products on our website. Everything you see is what you get when your order arrives. Our product descriptions include everything from the grams per square metre to the dimensions and weight. Plus, we use a range of high-res images across our website.

If there are any issues, please refer to our returns policy and we’ll address your concerns straight away.

It depends on your requirements. Your customers and guests might prefer comfort over everything else. However, you’ve got to consider your expenses too. Our goal is to make this predicament less complicated with our wholesale towels that combine a high level of comfort with long-lasting quality.

For more information, please contact us to discuss your specifications.