Why Do Hotel Beds Feel So Good?

Woman Sleeping In Bed

Hotels make a living by offering guests a dreamy night’s sleep, but why do hotel beds feel so good? We’ve all pondered the question at some point, hoping to recreate the magic at home or in our establishments.

Keep reading as we uncover the secrets behind a five-star slumber, including choosing the right mattress, hotel bedding and accessories.

1. Use premium mattresses

Hotels make dropping off a doddle by investing in premium mattresses. They aren’t too soft or hard but comfortably firm, providing unparalleled support that soothes achy joints. Most importantly, the material is durable to withstand a constant flow of guests.

Memory foam mattresses are a popular choice because of their heat-regulating properties. Plus, they absorb movement so that you can happily doze next to the twitchiest sleepers. 

2. Add padding with mattress toppers

If you’re working with a tight budget, you can supercharge standard mattresses by adding a mattress topper. Hotels use them to provide extra cushioning and support. They also protect the mattress against daily wear and tear.

When purchasing a topper, think about thickness and filling. Thick toppers (between 5cm and 7.5cm) rejuvenate old mattresses, while thin toppers (under 5cm) are suitable for newer beds. Memory foam and down mould around your body shape to relieve pressure points, while synthetic fibres protect against allergens.

3. Choose the highest quality sheets

Why do hotel beds feel so good? They drape their beds in the silkiest hotel bedding. Sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases are woven from breathable fabrics like 100% cotton. Plus, they have a thread count of 300 or higher to guarantee maximum comfort.

Materials aside, hotels also spray their linen with skin-friendly detergents. As you sleep, the calming floral scents inspire the sweetest dreams.

4. Introduce ergonomic pillows

Ergonomic pillows are a must-have for hotels. They provide a wealth of sizes, shapes and firmness to support everyone’s alignment, making stiff necks a thing of the past.

Hotel pillows have light cotton covers with a percale or sateen weave. Not only is cotton easy to wash and odour-free, but it’s naturally absorbent. Wave goodbye to hot, sweaty pillows and say hello to a more refreshing night’s sleep.

5. Accessorise with soft furnishings

It isn’t just the practicalities that make hotel beds so moreish. It’s also the gorgeous aesthetics. Hotel bedding must blow guests away by introducing plenty of popular colours, exciting prints and clashing textures.

At Homefords, we offer quilted, embroidered, patchwork, jacquard and sequin styles to suit your interior theme. Perhaps, you’d like a neutral bedspread that screams grown-up glamour? If you run a country B&B, you’ll love a recycled cotton blanket that pays homage to the surrounding environment.

Are your guests ready for a dreamy night’s sleep?

Now you know why hotel beds feel so good, it’s time to adopt the same principles in your own establishment. We have an impressive collection of hotel bedding that’ll encourage a flurry of excellent reviews.

Best of all, we offer free delivery to mainland UK addresses and bulk discount on orders over £500. Want to learn more? Contact our team today.

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