The Pros & Cons of Lined & Unlined Curtains

Woman Opening Curtains

Curtains come in a range of styles, sizes and materials. They also differ in their lining. Some curtains have special lining, some regular and others even come without it. But what does this mean for you when you’re buying curtains? There are several pros and cons associated with lined and unlined curtains that are good to know before you buy. So, read on as we take a look at the benefits and drawbacks.

Lined to perfection

Lined curtains are without a doubt the most popular choice for most rooms. They have three main benefits:

  • Shape – The curtain lining adds more weight to the curtains and better structure as a result. This means when you hang them they fall with a better shape.
  • Protection – With lining, curtains have an extra layer of protection from sunlight and can offer better protection for furniture in the home. Over time, sunlight can cause material to deteriorate, but with extra protection this is less likely. Blackout curtains are even better for this purpose.
  • Insulation – Lined curtains have another layer of fabric, making them better at keeping cold air out of a room. Even more so if they are thermally lined.

So what about unlined?

Unlined curtains may not be as heavy or protective as lined curtains, but they still have some advantages:

  • Cool – The insulation of lined curtains isn’t always a benefit. In summer, unlined curtains provide a lightweight way of getting privacy in your home while allowing air to flow through.
  • More light – Again, the sun-blocking quality of lined curtains is great in some ways. But unlined curtains allow more light into rooms, which is ideal for smaller rooms or homes.
  • Maintenance – Unlike most lined curtains, unlined curtains are usually machine washable. This means less hassle and less cost when you need to clean your curtains

Best of both worlds

It’s clear that both types of curtain have their own advantages. Some homeowners have both in their house so they can change to unlined in summer. And whether you’re searching for lined or unlined curtains, you’re sure to find what you need at Homefords. We are online wholesalers with thousands of products. Take a look at our range unlined and lined wholesale curtains in a wide variety of styles and sizes.

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